Perth Cultural Festival - Chevron Gardens

Perth Cultural Festival - Chevron Gardens

We recently completed some Menus and Signage design for the Chevron Gardens which is part of the Perth Cultural Festival. The client gave us a very tight deadline but we executed the project with time to spare!! 

Chevron Gardens is synonymous with balmy summer nights punctuated by global beats. From the soles of your feet to the inner recesses of your heart, this is the place where musical memories are made. 

Igniting the stages with electrifying acts from across the globe, Perth Festival brings you the bangers. Chevron Gardens is the place to dance, swoon, tremble and holler. Whether you’re embracing unknown sounds or echoing familiar refrains from your all-time favourites, we defy you to keep your dancing feet still or your soul untouched.

While the sounds of the city will be your focus, we invite you to indulge the other senses. Perth’s finest restaurants will tantalise your taste buds while our selection of summer drinks will keep the spirits high.

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